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(UPDATED) Earth Science (Core Curriculum Subject) DLL Free Download


Daily Lesson Log (DLL) is a template that teachers use to log parts of their daily lessons. The Daily Lesson Log covers a day’s or a week’s worth of lessons.

(UPDATED) Earth Science (Core Curriculum Subject) DLL Free Download

Daily Lesson Log guidelines for daily lesson preparation was issued by the Department of Education to institutionalize instructional planning which is a critical part of the teaching and learning process in public schools. These guidelines are meant to support teachers in effectively organizing and managing K to 12 classrooms to be genuinely responsive to learners’ needs.

These guidelines in the preparation of K-12 Daily Lesson Log shall instill reflective practice among teachers by providing them opportunities to think about and reflect on their instructional practices. K-12

Daily Lesson Log preparation is part of the teacher’s core function as a facilitator of learning inside the classroom. Well-prepared and well-planned lessons are fundamental to ensuring the delivery of quality teaching and learning in schools.

As a  DepEd guideline, teachers with at least one (1) year of teaching experience, including teachers with private school and higher education institution (HEI) teaching experience, shall not be required to make a Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP). Teachers who have been in the service for at least one (1) year, handling learning areas with available LMs and TGs provided by the Department shall not be required to prepare a DLP. Instead, they shall be required to fill out a  weekly K-12 Daily Lesson Log (DLL). Teachers are allowed to work together in preparing DLLs. Seasoned or veteran teachers shall also mentor new or novice teachers in the preparation of DLLs.

To Download DLL’s, just navigate through the following links.

(UPDATED) Earth Science (Core Curriculum Subject) DLL Free Download

    Here is the compiled Daily Lesson Logs (DLL) for 11/12 in the 2nd Quarter. Click on the DOWNLOAD link below to get your FREE and DIRECT COPY.

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QUARTER 2   -    Earth Science  DLL

  • Earth Science  DLL: Quarter 2 Part 1 | Earth Science - DOWNLOAD 

What's Inside the (UPDATED) Earth Science DLL Free Download 

  • describe how rocks undergo weathering
  • explain how the products of weathering are carried away by erosion and deposited elsewhere
  • explain how rocks and soil move downslope due to direct action of gravity
  • explain why the Earth’s interior is hot
  • describe how magma is formed
  • describe what happens after magma is formed 
  • describe the changes in mineral components and texture of rocks due to changes in pressure and temperature (metamorphism)
  • describe how rocks behave under different types of stress such as compression, pulling apart, and shearing 
  • identify the layers of the Earth 
  • differentiate the layers of the Earth from each other
  • describe the continental drift theory 
  •  discuss evidence that support continental drift
  •  explain how seafloor spreads
  • describe the structure and evolution of ocean basins
  • explain how the movement of plates leads to the formation of folds, faults, trenches, volcanoes, rift valleys, and mountain ranges
  • describe how layers of rocks (stratified rocks) are formed 
  • describe the different methods (relative and absolute dating) of determining the age of stratified rocks
  • explain how relative and absolute dating were used to determine the subdivisions of geologic time
  • describe how index fossils (also known as guide fossils) are used to define and identify subdivisions of the geologic time scale 
  • describe the history of the Earth through geologic time

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