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Performance Awards for Kindergarten Free Download

 Performance Award for Kindergarten Free Download

Free certificate templates from DepEd Trends that you can use to make formal awards, awards for kids, awards for a tournament, school, recognition, and many more.

Fully customize the text, layout, add a logo or picture to the template and print for free.

Learners in Kindergarten should be recognized for their most evident and most prominent abilities. They can also be recognized for showing significant improvement in a specific area (e.g., from having poor fine-motor skills to being able to draw or write well). 

Since kindergarten learners have no numerical grades, teachers are advised to recognize outstanding achievement of learners based on the different domains and/or learning competencies of the kindergarten curriculum at the end of every quarter. Since all learners must be given equal opportunity to excel and demonstrate their strengths, an award may be given to more than one learner. 

Teachers can choose from the domains and skills listed in Appendix 1. They have the option to provide creative or unique titles for each award appropriate to their context and community (e.g., in mother tongue). 

Performance Award for Kindergarten

1. Award in Communication/ Self-Expression

2. Award in Literacy (Reading, Composing, Writing) 

3. Award in Numeracy

4. Award in Performing Arts (Singing, Dancing)
5. Award in Physical Agility
6. Award in Science
7. Award in Self-care
8. Award in Visual Arts (Coloring/Drawing)

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