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DepEd Emphasizes no solicitation in Brigada Eskwela 2023-2024

As the new school year approaches, the Department of Education (DepEd) has released its guidelines for the implementation of Brigada Eskwela for the academic year 2023-2024. A key emphasis in the guidelines is the absolute prohibition on soliciting any form of contribution, including Brigada Eskwela fees, from parents, legal guardians, volunteers, partners, and stakeholders. This move aims to promote equity, community involvement, and transparency in school operations, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to access a conducive learning environment.

The Essence of Brigada Eskwela

Brigada Eskwela, an annual event in the Philippines, is a community-based program that involves various stakeholders coming together to prepare school facilities before the start of the academic year. The activities undertaken during Brigada Eskwela aim to create an environment that is conducive to learning, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility among the school community.

Absolute Prohibition on Solicitation

Under the new guidelines, school heads, teachers, and other school personnel are strictly prohibited from soliciting any form of contribution, including Brigada Eskwela fees, from parents, legal guardians, volunteers, partners, and stakeholders. The focus is on voluntary work and participation, ensuring that schools are adequately prepared without putting any financial burden on families.

Promoting Community Involvement and Collaboration

By emphasizing voluntary contributions, DepEd aims to encourage community involvement and collaboration in the improvement of school facilities. This approach fosters a sense of shared responsibility among all stakeholders, recognizing that each member of the community has a role to play in the betterment of the educational environment.

Equity and Transparency

DepEd's prohibition on solicitation ensures that no student is disadvantaged due to their family's financial capacity. By relying on voluntary efforts and contributions, schools can create a level playing field, allowing all students to benefit equally from a conducive learning environment. This move also promotes transparency, as schools are encouraged to seek voluntary resources and support from various stakeholders without any financial coercion.

Promoting Public Awareness and Advocacy

While the guidelines strictly prohibit solicitation, DepEd emphasizes the importance of conducting extensive public awareness campaigns. Schools are encouraged to disseminate advocacy materials and conduct awareness campaigns to garner support from parents, learners, community members, and external stakeholders who may voluntarily contribute their time, skills, and resources to enhance the school's facilities.

Role of Brigada Eskwela Working Committees

The success of Brigada Eskwela heavily relies on the active involvement of Brigada Eskwela Working Committees, led by School Heads/Principals. These committees, comprising teachers, non-teaching personnel, parents, and community members, play a pivotal role in mobilizing voluntary resources, identifying potential partners, and ensuring effective program implementation.


As the DepEd emphasizes the prohibition on solicitation in Brigada Eskwela for the upcoming academic year, it sends a clear message about the importance of equity, transparency, and community involvement in the education system. Through voluntary contributions and collaborative efforts, schools can create an inclusive learning environment that benefits all students, allowing each individual to reach their full potential. As schools across the country gear up for Brigada Eskwela 2023-2024, the spirit of shared responsibility and cooperation promises a successful start to the new academic year.

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