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Ensuring Order and Cleanliness: Analyzing DepEd Order No. 21 s. 2023 - 2023 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines

 Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of a nation, and the environment within which this education takes place is equally significant. In line with this, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued Order No. 21 s. 2023, outlining the implementation guidelines for the 2023 Brigada Eskwela, scheduled to transpire from August 14 to 19, 2023. One particular directive that has garnered attention is the stipulation concerning the cleanliness and visual orderliness of school premises, specifically addressing the removal of excessive decorations, advertisements, and materials from classrooms and school grounds.

A Clean Canvas for Learning

DepEd's directive regarding the maintenance of school grounds, classrooms, and other facilities resonates with the idea that a clean and organized environment fosters better learning experiences. The removal of unnecessary artwork, decorations, tarpaulins, and posters ensures that the focus remains on the educational process and prevents visual clutter that could potentially distract students and teachers alike.

Furthermore, the specific mention of oversized signage with commercial advertisements, sponsorships, endorsements, or announcements aligns with the broader notion of maintaining a neutral and unbiased educational setting. Schools are spaces for unbiased learning, and minimizing external influences within these spaces helps maintain the integrity of education.

Guidelines for Classroom Walls

The DepEd order also highlights the importance of classroom walls as an integral part of the learning environment. The stipulation that classroom walls should remain bare and devoid of posters, decorations, or other posted materials is grounded in pedagogical principles. Clean walls provide a blank canvas that educators can utilize effectively for instructional purposes, such as displaying educational materials, charts, or diagrams directly related to the curriculum.

This directive is also intended to discourage the practice of using classrooms as storage spaces. Clearing classrooms of unused items or items earmarked for disposal ensures that the learning space remains uncluttered and conducive to effective teaching and learning. The elimination of unnecessary items from classrooms not only contributes to a visually appealing environment but also promotes safety and ease of movement within the classroom.

Alignment with Previous Policies

DepEd Order No. 21 s. 2023 also references DepEd Order No. 37 s. 2010, which pertains to the removal of oversized signage with commercial advertisements, words of sponsorships, endorsements, or announcements. This reference emphasizes the continuity of DepEd's stance against the intrusion of commercialism and external influences within educational institutions. It underscores the need to maintain a consistent, clear, and unbiased educational environment, free from distractions that may hinder the learning process.


DepEd Order No. 21 s. 2023, which lays out the implementing guidelines for the 2023 Brigada Eskwela, serves as a testament to the commitment of the Department of Education to create an optimal learning environment for students across the Philippines. The emphasis on cleanliness, visual orderliness, and the removal of unnecessary decorations and materials aligns with the overarching goal of fostering a focused, unbiased, and conducive space for education. As educators, students, and communities come together during Brigada Eskwela, the implementation of these guidelines will undoubtedly contribute to the enhancement of the educational experience and the holistic development of learners.

Ensuring Order and Cleanliness: Analyzing DepEd Order No. 21 s. 2023 - 2023 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines

Reference: DO 21, S 2023

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