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PE 7-10 DLL Compilation (1st Quarter)

PE 7-10 DLL Compilation (1st Quarter)

PE 7-10 DLL Compilation (1st Quarter)

K-12 Daily Lesson Logs (DLL’S) are useful and vital resource of our K-12 Teachers. Basically, Daily Lesson Logs (DLL’s) are guides for our teachers’ daily lesson preparation. The Department of Education issued guidelines to institutionalize instructional planning as a critical part of the teaching and learning process in public schools. These guidelines are meant to address teachers’ needs in organizing and managing teaching-learning process in the classrooms. 


The latest K-12 Daily Lesson Log contains a reflection part, placed at the bottom of the DLL’s. Through this part, teachers can reflect in students’ performance and their teaching effectiveness. K-12 Daily Lesson Log preparation is part of our K-12 teacher’s basic function as a facilitator of learning and ensure optimum learning outcome inside the classroom. Well prepared and well-planned Daily Lesson Logs (DLL’s) aligned to the competencies of K-12 Curriculum Guides are fundamental process in ensuring the standards of teaching delivery and quality of the teaching-learning process in public schools.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, one constant remains: the indispensable role of teachers in shaping the minds of future generations. The K-12 Daily Lesson Logs (DLL’s) have emerged as an essential tool that empowers educators and enriches the teaching and learning experience. As we delve into the significance of these logs, it becomes evident that they are not merely administrative requisites but invaluable companions in the journey of education.

The Foundation of Effective Teaching

Daily Lesson Logs (DLL’s) serve as the cornerstone of effective teaching in the K-12 educational framework. These meticulously prepared guides act as navigational aids, steering teachers through the complex terrain of curriculum implementation. By adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Department of Education, teachers are equipped with a structured plan that aligns with the learning objectives and competencies outlined in the K-12 Curriculum Guides.

Fostering Organized Learning Environments

A well-organized classroom is a conducive environment for learning. The importance of organizational prowess in education cannot be overstated, and DLL’s play an instrumental role in achieving this. These logs streamline the teaching process, ensuring that every lesson is a step forward in the educational journey. With each day’s plan thoughtfully laid out, teachers can seamlessly orchestrate their lessons, optimizing class time and student engagement.

Embedded within the latest iteration of K-12 Daily Lesson Logs is a reflection component, strategically placed at the bottom of the page. This reflection is not merely an afterthought but a powerful tool for self-assessment and growth. In this space, educators can introspect on student performance and the efficacy of their instructional strategies. The reflection process empowers teachers to fine-tune their methods, adapt to diverse learning needs, and continuously enhance their teaching effectiveness.

While complying with guidelines is a foundational aspect of using Daily Lesson Logs, their impact extends far beyond bureaucratic adherence. These logs are catalysts for elevating the quality of education delivered in public schools. When teachers commit to crafting well-prepared and meticulously planned DLL’s, they inherently raise the bar for teaching delivery. The result is an enriched teaching-learning process that instills a deeper understanding of concepts, critical thinking skills, and a genuine love for learning among students.

In the grand tapestry of education, K-12 Daily Lesson Logs (DLL’s) emerge as threads of dedication, organization, and reflection intricately woven together. These logs transcend the realm of administrative obligations, becoming guiding stars for educators navigating the challenges and triumphs of the classroom. As we embrace the potential of DLL’s, we embark on a journey toward educational excellence, where teachers, armed with well-prepared lessons, inspire minds, and shape futures within the walls of our public schools.

QUARTER 1   -    PE 7  DLL
  • Grade 7 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 1 | PE - DOWNLOAD 
  • Grade 7 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 2 | PE - DOWNLOAD
QUARTER 1   -    PE 8  DLL
  • Grade 8 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 1 | PE - DOWNLOAD 
  • Grade 8 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 2 | PE - DOWNLOAD
QUARTER 1   -    PE 9  DLL
  • Grade 9 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 1 | PE - DOWNLOAD 
  • Grade 9 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 2 | PE - DOWNLOAD
QUARTER 1   -    PE 10  DLL
  • Grade 10 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 1 | PE - DOWNLOAD 
  • Grade 10 DLL: Quarter 1 WEEK 2 | PE - DOWNLOAD

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