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30 Days of Well-Deserved Rest and More for Teachers

30 Days of Well-Deserved Rest and More for Teachers for this School Year 2023-2024.

As National Teacher's Month unfolds, Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte unveiled a promising commitment that's set to bring relief and recognition to the nation's educators.

 In a heartfelt speech delivered at the Bohol Wisdom School Gymnasium in Tagbilaran City, she shared her vision for the upcoming School Year 2023-2024, one that focuses on prioritizing the well-being and professional development of teachers.

The highlight of this visionary promise is a 30-day uninterrupted break for teachers, devoid of any mandatory volunteer work. Duterte assured that these essential rest days would be formally integrated into the official school calendar, marking the end of the school year with much-needed respite. 

"We made sure that in this year's school calendar, teachers will have 30 straight days of rest during the break without any DepEd activity that requires volunteer work," she declared.

Moreover, Duterte emphasized that all activities involving voluntary participation would be scheduled after this rejuvenating 30-day break. This landmark decision is set to alleviate the physical and emotional strain on educators, offering them precious time to relax and recharge.

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