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Media and Information Literacy Lesson #1 DLL, Free Download

 I. Objectives

    A. Content Standards

The learner  demonstrates understanding of  Media and information  literacy (MIL) and MIL  related concepts.

    B. Performance Standard

The learner organizes a creative and interactive  symposium for the  community focusing  on being a media  and information  literate individual.

    C. Learning Competencies

Describe how communication is influenced by media and information MIL11/12IMILIIIa-1

    D. Learning Objectives

Explain how communication is affected by media and information


Introduction to Media and Information Literacy: Media Literacy, Information Literacy & Technology Literacy


A. References

B. Other Learning Resources


A.Reviewing previous lesson or presenting the new lesson

How would you express your feelings towards someone you love or you like?

B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson

Picture Analysis (Cooperative Learning) In this activity, the teacher applies knowledge of content within and across curriculum teaching areas (1). The teacher discusses the use of other synonyms and grammar structure; mentions the total worth of the cellphones for kids and talks about EDSA I.

        The teacher uses a range of teaching strategies that enhance learner achievement in literacy and or numeracy skills (How many shots does the camera produce a video in one second? (2) 
1. Make a list of words associating the pictures shown (what you see, what you can get, what do they do)? (Write on your paper)( words, signs, telephones, symbols, computer, magazines, articles  newspaper, information, media)
2. Classify the words into media, information and technology  (arrange words on your paper by labeling them with numbers)
3. Present your output to the class.

C. Presenting examples/ instances of the new lesson

  The teacher manages learner behavior constructively by applying positive and non-violent discipline to ensure learning-focused environments.(5)
Let us take a look at this presentation. (Teacher presents a power point presentation/show pictures on how communication is affected by media and information)

D. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills #1

E. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills #2

Let the students present their output in class

F. Developing mastery (Leads to Formative Assessment 3)

Do media and information affect communication? How?

G. Finding practical applications of concepts and skills in daily living

1.  Based on the presentation, describe how media and information affect communication?
 Media and information affect communication in the following aspects:
Changes in:
a. Transmission – communication travels faster
b. Processing of the message- no filter when we speak 
c. Way of writing – use of abbreviations, writing is summarized due to limited             
d. Way of conversation – through mails, use of jejemon,  
e. Way of interaction – changes how people interact or communicate
                                          - increases the number of people you interact with
                                         - reduces our social skills

Do media and information affect communication? How?

H. Making generalizations and abstractions about the lesson

The teacher uses differentiated, developmentally appropriate learning experiences to address learners’ gender, needs, strengths, interests and experiences.(6)
Complete the organizer. Boys, girls, gays and lesbians are encouraged to participate in this activity asking their needs, strengths, interests and experiences.

I. Evaluating learning

  The teacher plans, manages and implements developmentally sequenced teaching and learning processes to meet curriculum requirements and varied teaching contexts.(7)
Describe how communication is affected by media and information in the following

Interactive Infographic - 13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics 2015-11-17 07-58-31.jpg

J. Additional activities for application or remediation

Cite a situation in your life wherein media and information affect communication. And describe how do they affect communication?

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