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Interactive NAT Grade 6 Reviewer (English) Part 1

1➤ Lea is a good singer. She _____ in the TV every Sunday.

2➤ She will have a concert next week so she practiced her songs ______.

3➤ She _____ does the effort in making her voice more melodiously.

4➤ My husband and I _____ with my parents.

5➤ At home, we do not decide on important matters too ______.

6➤ We will discuss the matters seriously and will pray fervently. We ______keep our family in harmony and unity.

7➤ Which statement below is a simple sentence?

 Read the following selections and answer the questions that follow.

Items 8- 11

A man went on a hunting trip to the jungles of Africa. As night came, he felt cold and decided to build a fire. Then he rolled into a blanket and went to sleep. During the night, a dangerous snake was attracted by the fire and crawled into the blanket. The snake enjoyed the warmth of the fire and the softness of the blanket and decided to stay. During the night the man woke up. He felt the coil of something cold near him. He got his flashlight and saw his bedmate.

8➤ What do you think the man did?

9➤ The snake might have ________.

10➤ Which best described the hunter?

11➤ Why did the snake not harm the man?

Items 12-25

A very fierce and large lion was thrown into the arena to fight the slave, Androclus. The lion ran from one end of the arena to the other until it saw Androclus against the wall. It slowly approached Androclus who got ready to defend himself. Before Androclus could move his hands, the lion wagged its tail like a dog and licked Androclus hands and legs happily and then Androclus patted the lion’s head.

The Emperor asked, “What happened? Was the lion your pet?”

Androclus explained, “I once hid in an empty cave in the woods. A big lion with a bleeding paw came in. It approached me holding out its bleeding paw. I looked at it and took a sharp- edged piece of wood. Then, we lived together for three years in that cave. One day the lion did not come back to the cave. I too left the place. I was caught by the soldiers and was thrown into the arena.”

The Emperor set Androclus and the lion free.

12➤ The story took place in the __________.

13➤ When the lion stepped on a sharp- edged piece of wood, ________.

14➤ What human trait did the lion show?

15➤ After the Emperor heard the story from Androclus, ____

16➤ Theophilus likes to read a lot. He is interested in science and history. For him, both___ fascinating subjects.

17➤ He understands that reading can help him know more about the world. He also takes his time reading ________ books about heroes than the ones about show business.

18➤ For Theophilus, reading is _________ than watching TV or playing computer games.

19➤ When he reads, he always has his __________ notebook for writing ideas.

20➤ Theophilus shares the information with his classmates _________ keeping all that he knows to himself.

21➤ The party starts soon. Everyone ____ ready.

22➤ The guests are excited but the celebrant is_____ than them.

23➤ For the parents of the celebrant, it is the ____ party they can give to their only child.

24➤ The celebrant received ______,_______, ______ puppies from her ninong.

25➤ Her uncle and aunt abroad sent her a gift ______mail.

 Items 26- 30

Ronnie knew that he would have to study hard for his math test on Monday. He failed the last exam. But on Friday night, he could not study because his grandparents and cousins were visiting from Davao. On Saturday, he was so tired playing with his Mindanao cousins that he fell asleep at the study table a few minutes after beginning to solve his problems. On Sunday, Ronnie’s dog got lost. He spent all day looking for him and found him only before bedtime. Ronnie finally managed to study a few minutes before classes began on Monday morning.

26➤ The main idea of the selection is about____.

27➤ What do you think happened then?

28➤ What is the general mood of the story?

29➤ Which of the following is an opinion?

30➤ Arrange the following events as they happened in the story. 

I. His dog got lost. 
II. He had failed the last exam. 
III. He would have to study hard for his math test. 
IV. His grandparents and cousins were visiting from Davao. 
v. He spent all day looking for it. 

Which of the following is the correct order of events?

31-32 Items

It was winter time and most of the birds have migrated to warmer places. There were still a few left behind. Some of them lived on the roof of Marisa’s house. One morning Marisa was awakened by a noise on her window. Looking out of the window, she saw a big bird that seemed hungry. She hurriedly went to the kitchen and took a piece of bread. She broke the bread into very small pieces and put these outside her window sill. Marisa went to one corner of her room to see if the bird would come. Soon the bird came, picked a piece with its bill and flew away with it. It returned again and again until not a single piece was left on the window sill. Marisa put bread on her window sill every morning during the whole winter.

31➤ What do you think will happen if birds do not migrate to warmer places during winter?

32➤ When do people need to provide food for birds?

33- 37 items

ino is a cyclical and global event that happens every two to twelve years. The last time we experienced this phenomenon was in 1997 and 1998. This occurs when the usual pattern of the westward- blowing winds is disrupted across the Pacific. Warm ocean waters remain in the east instead of migrating to the west, causing changes in weather patterns.

Interestingly, El Nino has different effects on different parts of the globe. While we’re experiencing a drought, El Nino can cause heavy rains in other parts of the globe like South America.

The reduced rainfall will affect the growth of crops. Food shortage can be one of the main problems we might face in the coming months.

Another effect of El Nino is the power shortage. This is because one of the main sources of our electricity is the hydroelectric power plants that are all over the country. Hydroelectric power plants get energy from the flowing water stored in dams.

Even if El Nino is a natural phenomenon, it is still important that we do our part to help lessen its effects on our community.

33➤ The general mood of the article is ________.

34➤ El. Nino happens when ____________.

35➤ One fact about the El. Nino phenomenon is that________.

36➤ The main idea of the article is about _____.

37➤ An interesting point about the El. Nino phenomenon is that ____________.

38- 40 Items

In a little village lived a boy named Mike Diaz. He was fond of setting traps for little animals that greatly abound in the woods near his village.

One early morning, he went into the woods to look at his two traps. As he came near the first one, he saw a squirrel had been caught. The poor frightened creature was struggling to escape.

Mike ran towards the trap. Suddenly his foot slipped and was gripped with a snap. Down he went to the ground. He knew what had happened. He was caught by his own trap. He was not frightened at first because he thought he could set himself free but the chain would not let him go no matter how hard he tried.

Just out of his reach lay the squirrel panting with pain and terror. For the first time in his life, Mike understood what he was doing.

38➤ Why do you think could Mike catch little animals?

39➤ When he was caught by his own trap and gripped, he find out______________.

40➤ After the incident, Mike would_______.

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