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Updates on PBB 2022 and SRI 2023: What Teachers Need to Know

 In the ever-evolving landscape of educational policies and benefits, recent updates provided by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) shed light on critical developments impacting teachers across the Philippines. Following a courtesy call with the Department of Education's NCR New Regional Director, Dr. Joyce Andaya, noteworthy information concerning the Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) 2023 and the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) 2022 for teachers has surfaced.

Updates on PBB 2022 and SRI 2023: What Teachers Need to Know
Updates on PBB 2022 and SRI 2023: What Teachers Need to Know

Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) 2023

As of the latest communication from ACT, while there is no Executive Order released yet pertaining to SRI 2023, educational institutions have been instructed to prepare Form 1 to facilitate the identification of eligible employees qualified for the impending incentive. This preparation emphasizes the importance of timely readiness and verification to ensure deserving teachers receive their due recognition for their service.


Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) 2022

For the PBB 2022 of DepEd teachers, here are the latest updates from Ma'am Shiela Lim Manuel of ASSERT, 

Today we went to the records section of DBM Malacanang to let them receive our letter requesting the expeditious release of PBB 2022 preferably in cash mode. 

We never fail to commit our time to the needs of our fellow teachers.

As requested, we heed the call of the teachers to release PBB 2022 in "cash mode" since most of our members salaries, bonuses, and allowances are garnished by heartless shark loans under the public lending and private owned institutions. 

The fiscal year 2023 is about to close and until now PBB 2022 is not yet released. 

Despite the approaching closure of fiscal year 2023, the release of PBB 2022 remains pending, prompting calls from the teaching community for timely action and dissemination of this essential bonus.

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