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Grade 3 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024

 Grade 3 Teaching Guides: Community Awareness  (Catch Up Fridays)

FEBRUARY 16, 2024

  • Quarter 3 Theme: Community Awareness
  • Sub Theme: Prudence:  Peace Concepts (Positive and Negative Peace)

Lesson Proper

Introduction (5 minutes)

Begin by discussing the importance of being aware of our community and how prudence plays a role in maintaining peace within it.

Icebreaker Activity (10 minutes)

Divide the students into small groups and have them discuss what peace means to them. Encourage them to come up with examples of both positive and negative peace situations.

After the students have discussed what peace means to them and shared examples of positive and negative peace situations, bring the groups back together for a whole class discussion. Allow each group to share their thoughts and insights with the rest of the class. This will not only help to broaden everyone's understanding of peace but also foster a sense of community and empathy among the students. Encourage respectful dialogue and active listening during the discussion to ensure that all voices are heard and valued. Remember, promoting peace starts with open communication and understanding among individuals.

Multimedia Exploration (8 minutes)

Show a short video or presentation illustrating positive and negative peace concepts in a community setting. Allow students to reflect on what they have learned.

Small Group Discussion (8 minutes)

In their small groups, have students brainstorm ways they can contribute to positive peace within their own community by exercising prudence in their actions and decisions.

Group Presentation (5 minutes per group)

Each group presents their ideas on promoting positive peace within their community to the class.

Class Reflection (2 minutes)

Facilitate a brief discussion on the presentations and encourage students to reflect on how prudence can lead to a more peaceful community.

After the presentations, it's important to engage in a fruitful discussion with the students. Encourage them to reflect on the concept of prudence and how it can positively impact the community's peace and harmony. Ask them to consider how making wise decisions, showing restraint, and thinking carefully before acting can contribute to fostering a more peaceful environment within the community. By promoting prudence, individuals can cultivate better understanding, empathy, and respect for one another, ultimately leading to a more unified and tranquil community for everyone to enjoy. It's through these reflections and discussions that students can gain a deeper appreciation for the value of prudence in building a more harmonious society.

Conclusion and Homework Assignment (2 minutes)

Summarize the key points discussed in the lesson and assign homework that involves students writing a short paragraph on how they can practice prudence to promote positive peace in their community.

Suggested Activities for Reading Enhancement:

Picture-Word Association: Have students match words with corresponding pictures to enhance vocabulary.

Making Predictions: Encourage students to predict what might happen next in a story to improve comprehension skills.
Grade 3 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024
 Grade 3 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024 

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