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DepEd Completes K-10 Review: Launching New Curriculum in a Few Weeks

The Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines has recently completed its comprehensive review of the Kinder to Grade 10 (K-10) curriculum. The aim of this assessment was to address the concerns raised about the current congested curriculum and to enhance the quality of primary education. In a recent announcement, DepEd Usec. Michael Poa revealed that the updated curriculum will be launched in a few weeks and implemented starting from the school year 2024-2025. 

This article explores the key highlights of the review and the anticipated changes that will positively impact the education system in the Philippines.

DepEd Completes K-10 Review: Launching New Curriculum in a Few Weeks

Streamlining the Educational Process

One of the significant findings from the feedback received by the DepEd was the congestion within the K-10 curriculum. Many learners found it challenging to grasp the subjects thoroughly due to the overwhelming amount of content. In response to this concern, the revised curriculum aims to streamline the educational process. By reallocating more time to core subjects such as math, science, English, reading, and values formation, the DepEd intends to provide students with a stronger foundation in these essential areas of learning. This strategic shift will help alleviate the burden on students and enable them to develop a deeper understanding of the key subjects.

Public Involvement and Feedback

To ensure a well-rounded curriculum that addresses the needs of various stakeholders, the DepEd made the draft curriculum available for public review. Experts, educators, and the general public were encouraged to provide their valuable insights and recommendations. This inclusive approach allowed the DepEd to consider a wide range of perspectives, resulting in a more comprehensive and balanced curriculum. By actively engaging with the community, the DepEd has demonstrated its commitment to collaborative decision-making and fostering a transparent education system.

Preparation for the Future: K-12 Program Review

While the K-10 curriculum review is nearing completion, the DepEd continues to conduct a thorough assessment of the K-12 program. This ongoing review aims to ensure that senior high school graduates are well-prepared and equipped with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the job market. By aligning the K-12 curriculum with industry requirements and market trends, the DepEd aims to enhance the employability of graduates. This forward-thinking approach emphasizes the importance of equipping students with practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in their chosen career paths.


The completion of the K-10 curriculum review by the Department of Education marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of quality education in the Philippines. The upcoming launch of the revised curriculum signifies the DepEd's commitment to address the challenges posed by a congested curriculum and provide students with a stronger foundation in core subjects. The inclusive approach adopted by the DepEd in seeking public feedback demonstrates a dedication to collaborative decision-making. Furthermore, the ongoing review of the K-12 program highlights the DepEd's commitment to ensuring that students are well-prepared for the future workforce. As the new curriculum takes shape, it brings hope for a more effective and relevant education system that will empower students and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the ever-changing global landscape.

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