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Interactive! 20-item multiple choice test on solving the given real-life problem involving addition and/or subtraction of fractions.

1➤ Sarah baked 3/4 of a cake, and her friend Lisa baked 1/3 of a cake. How much cake did they bake together?

2➤ If you have 1/5 of a pizza left and you eat 2/5 of what's left, how much of the original pizza have you eaten?

3➤ John has 2/3 of a yard of fabric, and he used 1/4 of it to make a pillowcase. How much fabric does he have left?

4➤ If you walk 3/8 of a mile to school and then walk 1/4 of a mile to the library, how far did you walk in total?

5➤ Mary had 3/5 of a gallon of orange juice. She drank 1/10 of it for breakfast. How much orange juice does she have left?

6➤ If you have a rope that is 5/6 of a meter long and you cut off 2/3 of it, how much is left?

7➤ Sarah is making a fruit salad. She adds 3/4 cup of strawberries and 1/2 cup of blueberries. How much fruit does she have in total?

8➤ If you have 1/7 of a chocolate bar and you give away 1/14 of it to a friend, how much chocolate is left for you?

9➤ Tim spent 2/3 of his allowance on a video game and 1/4 of it on a toy. How much of his allowance does he have left?

10➤ If you buy a 1/8-pound burger and eat 3/8 of it, how much of the burger do you have left?

11➤ Emma has 2/5 of a tank of gas, and she uses 1/5 of it to drive to the store. How much gas is left in the tank?

12➤ If you have 3/4 of a pie, and you give away 1/3 of it to a neighbor, how much pie is left for you to enjoy?

13➤ A recipe calls for 2/3 cup of flour, but you only have 1/2 cup left in the bag. How much more flour do you need?

14➤ If you have 5/6 of a pizza and your friend eats 1/3 of it, how much pizza remains for you?

15➤ Sarah has 4/7 of a candy bar, and she gives 1/7 of it to her friend. How much candy does she have left?

16➤ If you have 3/10 of a tank of gas, and you use 2/5 of it on a short trip, how much gas is left in the tank?

17➤ James had 2/3 of a bag of marbles, and he gave away 1/6 of them to his friend. How many marbles does he have left?

18➤ If you have 4/5 of a chocolate bar, and you eat 3/10 of it, how much chocolate is left for you to savor?

19➤ Emily has 5/8 of a basket of apples, and she eats 1/8 of them. How many apples are left in the basket?

20➤ If you have 2/9 of a cake and you share 1/3 of it with a friend, how much cake do you have left?

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