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Interactive NAT Grade 6 Reviewer in English (Correct Usage)

DIRECTIONS: You are given four options for each number (a, b, c, d). Choose the word that correctly completes the following sentences. Then encircle the letter of your answer. Then encircle the letter of your answer.

Example: Mathematics _____ taught by Miss Dela Cruz

a) were being b) is being c) was been d) were

In the example given above, option (b) is the correct answer.

1➤ Aunt Lucy _____ her bag from the store for three hundred pesos.

2➤ The teacher, along with her students, _____ to the library every week.

3➤ The restaurant _____ better food before the new chef was hired.

4➤ I appreciated his _____ to prepare ahead of time.

5➤ The recklessness of some drivers ______ numerous accidents in these past few weeks.

6➤ Have you _____ the closet for your shirt?

7➤ I will be _____ to the park to have a picnic with my friends.

8➤ Every Sunday, my family and I _____ mass.

9➤ Maria _____ her baby brother in his crib.

10➤ The football team Azkals _____ to inspire many Filipinos today.

11➤ Johnny _____ soccer to his friends every weekend.

12➤ The whole class _____ noisy yesterday.

13➤ Peter, along with his classmates, ________ proper etiquette in the past three sessions.

14➤ Please put these plates _____ top of the table.

15➤ Having prepared ahead of time, the students were _____ to answer the examination.

16➤ He is a _____ of Marikina City.

17➤ ______ off the old paint before applying the new one.

18➤ Every child has the _____ to a good education.

19➤ The film was _____ from a novel.

20➤ Please _____ this form completely before submitting it.

21➤ Many teenagers have decided to volunteer for clean-up efforts in _____ barangay.

22➤ Government leaders should make sure that all the needs and concerns of Filipinos are ______ every day.

23➤ You have to face life's challenges _____.

24➤ The Grade 6 students all dance very _____.

25➤ The family event was fun _______ the rain.

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