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Interactive NAT Grade 6 Reviewer (English) Part 2

1➤ Ana always _________ fresh milk in old market in Paco every morning.

2➤ The school children ran _____________ in the meadow.

3➤ We bought ______________ some souvenirs on our trip to Boracay.

4➤ The tourists ______ their car to take pictures every time they see a nice view along the way.

5➤ The hardworking boy _______ sells barbecues and hotdog sandwiches in the park.

6➤ I hid _____ in the closet when I heard three strong knocks at the midnight

7➤ Which among the sentences is a simple sentence?

8➤ This is the _________ flash flood that occurred in our province.

Items 9-12

There was a couple who had a son named Bayabas whose main task was to feed the carabaos with grasses in the field.

While feeding the carabaos, he also climbed the trees for edible fruits like wild lanzones, marang and durian. As he lay resting, he saw fruits could be eaten. The fruits were once edible but due to a curse given to man for their wickedness, the fruit became wickedness.

Just then, the Diwata of the forest appeared. The next morning, though feeling sad, he brought his black puppy to obey the diwata’s command to sprinkle the trunk of the tree with the blood of a black dog.

Suddenly, the Diwata appeared and said that from that time on, she would make the fruit edible and immediately disappeared.

Bayabas tried to eat some fruits and other were convinced to eat the fruit.

From then on, the fruit has come to be known as Bayabas in honor of the unselfish boy who was willing to make sacrifice for the benefit of others.

9➤ What did the fairy want the boy to do with the cursed tree?

10➤ What could have been the attitude of the fairy toward the

11➤ What is the general mood expressed in this line? “He was willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others”

12➤ Arranged the following events as they happened in the story.
  1. A Diwata appears in the forest. 
  2. Bayabas climbs trees to look for fruits. 
  3. The curse of the poisonous tree is removed 
  4. Bayabas feeds the carabaos in the field daily.
The correct arrangement of the sentences is:

Items 13-16

The British isled is composed of two countries: the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The United Kingdom consist of Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland) and Northern Ireland.

Many people call the United Kingdom simply Britain. The Republic of Ireland was once part of the United Kingdom simply Britain. The Republic of Ireland was once part of the United Kingdom but it became a separate country in 1921.

The Most climate of Britain and Republic of Ireland makes it ideal for farming.

In Britain the farms are to small to feed the large population, so it imports or buys food from other countries.

Industry is very important in Britain. It pays for the food it imports by selling manufactured products, such as cars to other countries.

13➤ What countries compose the Britain Isles?

14➤ What is the most likely the industrial situation of Britain in the future?

15➤ What mood is expressed in this line? “Industry is very important in Britain.”

16➤ Arrange the order of events in the selection.
  1. In other hand, Britain imports their foods 
  2. Then, it sells their manufactures products to other countries. 
  3. The Republic of Ireland was separated from United Kingdom in 1921. 
  4. Ireland main industry is Farming.
The correct arrangement of the sentences is:

17➤ Many _________ that doing business will improve their economic conditions.

18➤ The last contestant sang his piece ___________ than the other contestant.

19➤ On sale at the back of Lankata hotel are ______, _______,_______ pearls.

20➤ He lives one kilometer ___________ from the city.

21➤ Somebody ______ for the group of youth volunteers in the environment crusade.

22➤ The dancer showed his dancing ability ______ among all contestants.

23➤ The fruits harvest this year are the _______ that we have from our farm.

24➤ I found _______, _______, ________ kittens in my door this morning.

25➤ Kids the neighborhood walk _____ our yard to get to the park.

26➤ Every afternoon, after going home from school, Ben _____ to climb trees.

27➤ The new secretary encodes _____ than the former one.

Items 28-32

Andong and his wife, Damao, lived near the river. Andong was a lazy man. He hated work. Damao often scolded him for his laziness.

One day, Damao asked andong to catch fish in the river, he passed by two mango trees with an earthen jar under each tree. He looked at the jars and saw that these were full of gold coins.

“ I came here to fish,” Andong said “ I must catch some fish or else my wife will have nothing to eat for supper.”

Their two neighbors heard Andong tell Damao about the two jars. The two neighbors made plans to get the gold for themselves.

Both the two men put their hands on the jars, they touched carabao manure.

Both men got mad at the couple, so they decide to put the jars in the couple’s house.

When the couple woke up in the morning, they saw a heap of gold inside the jars. The couple rejoiced over their good fortune. With their money, the couple went into business.

Andong told his wife, “If you are destined for high places people may try to put you down, but you will still reach your destiny.”

28➤ What is the mood expressed in this line? “ The two neighbors made plans to get the gold themselves.”

29➤ Why did the two men put the two jars in the couple’s house?

30➤ Which among the following sentences states an opinion?

31➤ Which is the main idea of the story?

32➤ What did the couple do with their money?

Items 33-37

The old folks in Kalanganan in the province of Maguindanao used to believe in the “kapre”. It was very big and tall that a man reached up only to his knees. He lived in the big trees and appeared only at night, smoking a big roll of tobacco.

He was friendly and did not frighten the villagers.

When strangers came to Kalanganan with evil plans, the “kapre” appeared to frighten them. The men never accomplished their plans and never came back to the area.

The people believed that the “kapre” provided them security against bad elements.

Eventually, the “kapre” left the place for another place because the large trees where it lived were cut down when the village’s population increased.

33➤ What is the main idea of the selection?

34➤ In what way did the “kapre” help the people?

35➤ What mood is expressed in the line: “The people believed that “kapre” provided them security against bad elements”

36➤ What details support this statement? “When strangers came to Kalangan the kapre appeared.”

37➤ What conclusion can be made about the selection?

38➤ The _____last typhoon to hit the country in the last five years was in September last year.

39➤ Cases of dengue were aired ____ on the evening news than in the noontime broadcast.

40➤ The bank manager for the modeled offices ordered _____ _______ _____ bags

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