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Grade 7 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024

Grade 7 Teaching Guides: Community Awareness  (Catch Up Fridays)

FEBRUARY 16, 2024

  • Quarter 3 Theme: Community Awareness
  • Sub Theme: Justice:  Promoting Sustainable Development

Lesson Proper

Introduction (5 minutes)

Begin the lesson by discussing the importance of community awareness and compassion in promoting sustainable development. Engage students in a brief conversation about what these concepts mean to them and why they are essential for a thriving society.

Icebreaker Activity (10 minutes)

To set a positive tone for the lesson, have students participate in a "Compassion Chain" activity where they write acts of kindness they have witnessed or experienced on paper links and connect them to create a chain, symbolizing the interconnectedness of compassion in a community.

Multimedia Exploration (8 minutes)

Show a short video or presentation highlighting real-life examples of communities coming together to support sustainable development through acts of compassion. Discuss the impact of these actions on both individuals and the community as a whole.

Small Group Discussion (8 minutes)

Divide students into small groups and provide them with discussion questions related to the video/presentation. Encourage them to share their thoughts on how compassion can drive sustainable development and ways they can contribute to their own community.

Group Presentation (5 minutes per group)

Each group presents their key takeaways from the discussion to the class. Encourage creativity and critical thinking in their presentations.

Class Reflection (2 minutes)

Facilitate a brief class reflection on the main points discussed during the lesson. Encourage students to share any new insights or questions they may have.

Conclusion and Homework Assignment (2 minutes)

Summarize the lesson by emphasizing the importance of compassion in building sustainable communities. Assign students to research and prepare a short presentation on a community project that promotes sustainable development through compassion for the next class.

Suggested Activities for Reading Enhancement

Word Classification Game: Have students categorize words related to community awareness and sustainable development into different groups based on their meanings or themes.
Making Predictions: Encourage students to predict outcomes or solutions based on the context of a given reading passage related to compassion and sustainable development.
Grade 6 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024
 Grade 6 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024 

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