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Grade 8 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024

Grade 8 Teaching Guides: Community Awareness  (Catch Up Fridays)

FEBRUARY 16, 2024

  • Quarter 3 Theme: Community Awareness
  • Sub Theme: Servitude:  Intercultural Relations

Lesson Proper

Introduction (5 minutes):

  • Greet the students and introduce the theme of the lesson: Community Awareness with a focus on Servitude and Intercultural Relations.
  • Explain the importance of understanding different cultures and serving our community to build a better society.
  • Provide an overview of the activities planned for the lesson.

Icebreaker Activity (10 minutes):

  • Divide students into small groups and ask them to discuss a time when they helped someone from a different cultural background.
  • Each group will share one story with the class to encourage sharing and understanding.

Multimedia Exploration (8 minutes):

  • Show a short video or presentation highlighting examples of individuals serving their community from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Discuss the importance of servitude in fostering positive intercultural relations.

Small Group Discussion (8 minutes):

  • Assign each group a scenario related to community service and intercultural relations to discuss and come up with possible solutions.
  • Encourage students to consider different perspectives and cultural values.

Group Presentation (5 minutes per group):

  • Each group presents their scenario and solutions to the class, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and understanding in community service.

Class Reflection (2 minutes):

  • Lead a brief discussion on what students learned from the group presentations and how it relates to the theme of community awareness and servitude.

Conclusion and Homework Assignment (2 minutes):

Summarize the key points from the lesson and assign homework to research a community service project that involves multiple cultural groups and to prepare a short presentation for the next class.

Suggested Activities for Reading Enhancement:

Picture-Word Association: Match words with corresponding images to improve vocabulary.

Making Predictions: Encourage students to predict outcomes in a story to enhance comprehension skills.
Grade 8 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024
 Grade 8 Teaching Guides (Catch-up Fridays): PEACE AND VALUES EDUCATION | February 16, 2024 

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